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About My Work

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My work is inspired by the colour, light and magic of the changing landscape. I am aiming for an evocation of the landscape through simple pictorial means -a sensitivity of colour and a clarity of design. I hope my work has an intimate magical feel.

My work is based on memories of places and times but the names fof those places are not important.I would love my work to trigger memories for the onlooker of places and times that were special to them -a walk through the landscape, a midnight, a dawn....That is why I use familiar symbols such asthe moon,stars birds, universal symbols to which we can all relate. I rarely paint figures in my work but there is often a human clue in a hidden picnic or empty dwelling.

I paint in oil on traditional gesso.The surface is very important to me. I hand make the gesso using a recipe dating back centuries - it is a mix of marble dust and glue size. It is a time consuming process but well worth the effort as the surface is wonderful to work on and becomes part of the painting itself.